The Mindful Spring Clean!

Spring cleaning is a terrifying concept for many of us, including the concept of going through your entire home, top to bottom and clearing out. Adding in a little mindfulness can help this task go by much quicker and you might even find you enjoy it.


Clearing out

Spring clean with Attic - clear out old things to create breathing room. Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

This is possibly the most daunting task of the Spring Clean, but it doesn't have to be so difficult. Empty your belongings into a box then take them out one by one. As you hold them, examine your emotions regarding the object from an observer's point of view - acknowledging them and understanding them but knowing that they don't represent you at this moment in time. Place any non-essential items that present negative emotions to you in a box for the charity - there is no need for you to keep them and you will be doing good by donating them. Take a break and appreciate your de-cluttered home, noticing how much more space there is to breathe.



Spring Cleaning with Mindfulness. Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash.

Before you tidy all of the items away, clean every surface of the house. Notice the scents of the cleaning items, the sounds the duster makes as it glides over surfaces and how fluffy and clean the carpet looks just after you've hoovered. Embrace the moment and be unconcerned of time, working your way from room to room. Appreciate positive emotions as they come to you and your freshly cleansed home. Light candles or incense to celebrate.



Spring Clean with Happiness! How to make cleaning fun. Photo by Yasmine Boheas on Unsplash

Place each item in it's home, noticing again the weight and feel of it. Put items that make you happy in clear view so you can experience that happiness more often in the future. Clean each one with a duster before setting it back, then step away and notice how they occupy the space. Stand at a distance and admire the new space you have created. Know that you are aware of everything you own and that you take nothing for granted. Allow yourself to feel proud and accomplished. Take a deep breath and spend a few moments just relaxing, gently aware of everything around you in the knowledge that everything is in its rightful place.


Best of luck and lots of love from Team Attic xx